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Our fun-filled Play & Learn English programs provide structured learning designed to enhance your children’s CREATIVITY, THINKING, and CONFIDENCE skills. Classes are conducted in English with activities include singing, dancing, role play and of course, lots of fun.. Children are encouraged to develop and improve communication skills as they progress through different levels.
Trinity College London
Drama & Speech – Communication Skills
(3+ years)
  Elite Starz is a Registered Examination Centre for Trinity’s Drama & Speech Examinations. Wide ranges of programs are available within our Drama & Speech subjects’ syllabuses. Children can choose the most appropriate subject area and level for the abilities of individual candidates, pairs or groups.

Young Performers Certificate (YPC)
Bronze / Silver / Gold (3-7 years)

The Young Performer’s Certificates (YPC) are especially designed to develop confidence, enjoyment and achievement in children through group interaction and performance. They encourage the integration of performance skills to create stories, roles and situations through imaginative use of movement, music and voice. They provide a child-centred introduction to performance skills, which will provide a sound foundation for future studies and examinations in speech, drama, musical theatre and music. Students will build self-confidence, self-esteem and develop communication and memory skills. All students will receive an internationally recognised certificate as a record of their personal achievement.

Speech Communication Arts (SCA)
Grade 1 to Grade 6 (5-14 years)

Trinity College London Speech Communication Arts (SCA) qualifications are designed to encourage the development of spoken and written English for children. Each student receives a written examiner report giving feedback and, where appropriate, constructive criticism. All successful student receive an individual certificate.

London College of Music (LCM)
Drama & Communication
(3-6 years)
  This popular course provides training for the London College of Music Early Learning Examination which is designed to develop confidence, social interaction skills and a sense of achievement in children, Through interesting English, music and drama activities, children are encouraged to develop communication skills as they create and explore stories, songs, roles and situations through the imaginative and integrated use of movement music and voice. Children will be given the opportunity to take part in the London College of Music Early Learning Examination.