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When your child grows, they tend to develop an interest in playing, communicating, socializing, and interacting with other children and parents.

Our fun-filled all-in-one playgroup programs focus on four core skills – EMOTIONAL, INTELLECTUAL, PHYSICAL and SOCIAL, where your child learns through stimulative activities including phonics, story telling, music, dance, singing, games, role playing, arts & crafts and much more!!!
Benefits for Children:
  • Interact and play with other children and parents in a fun & safe environment
  • Develop socialization skills and enhance confidence
  • Learn sharing, caring and team work through stimulating activities, materials and situations
  • Enjoy learning and gain new experiences
Benefits for Parents:
  • Provide opportunities to better understand the emotional well-being of a child
  • Meet new parents and develop friendships
  • Gain support and exchange parenting ideas and experiences in a friendly and relaxed environment
  •  Spend quality time with your child
Format and Activities:
  • WELLCOME, music & exercise
  • Structured learning activities – including thinking skills
  • Play & learn
  • Circle time – to improve social & interaction skills
  • Close & GOOD BYE